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Animal crushMay 17, 2013 . wtf.crushing videos animals,Animal Crush Video Maker Gets 50 Year Prison SentenceFeb 17, 2016 . 54-year-old Houston man Brent Justice was convicted and sentenced to 50 years in prison Monday for cruelty to non-livestock animals, for his role in filming animal crush videos. He and 25-year-old Ashley Richards were arrested in August 2012 after a complaint from PETA. Crush videos are part of an.

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Videographer gets 50 years in animal crush videos - Houston .Feb 16, 2016 . A Houston man has been sentenced to 50 years in prison for cruelty to animals, for his role in filming animal crush videos. Brent Justice, 54, was convicted and sentenced Monday for cruelty to non-livestock animals. He and Ashley Richards, 25, were arrested in August 2012 after a complaint from People.crushing videos animals,Reward offered for information about 'Crush' video ring | Daily Mail .PETA in the Philippines have offered a six-figure reward for any information about the animal 'Crush' video ring.

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Illegale Videos: "Animal Crushing"/ Asyl für Lesben und Schwule .

Nov 10, 2013 . Mittlerweile tauchen sie auch auf Pinnwänden von Deutschen auf: "Animal Crushing"-Videos. Was hat es damit auf sich? (4:30). Außerdem: Kunst-Fund im Wert von.

Animal crush

May 17, 2013 . wtf.

crushing videos animals,

Animal Crush Video Maker Gets 50 Year Prison Sentence

Feb 17, 2016 . 54-year-old Houston man Brent Justice was convicted and sentenced to 50 years in prison Monday for cruelty to non-livestock animals, for his role in filming animal crush videos. He and 25-year-old Ashley Richards were arrested in August 2012 after a complaint from PETA. Crush videos are part of an.

Liveleak - 3 crushing puppies

7 3 crushing puppies. Its exactly what the title says, I do not have much information on the matter but if someone can investigate everyone would most likely . Added: 4 years ago. By: Cyberflix (0.00). Tags: , WTF, cruelty, animal cruelty, morbid. Location: United States. open eye Views: 394534 Replies: 71 Score: 7.

What is “animal crushing”? | CARE

Dec 30, 2016 . Animal crushing is the act of torturing animals which is brutally committed in numerous ways, often small live animals such as kittens, puppies, bunnies, and mice. Videos often feature women in high heels stepping on small animals and crushing them. But the violence doesn't stop there. A puppy being.

YouTube Won't Ban A Guy Who Crushes Animals to Death (Update .

Mar 17, 2016 . Among the many prolific channels on YouTube is bootsmade4crushing (BM4C) which for four years has featured videos of someone using expensive boots to stomp and crush everything from remote-controlled toys to food to boomboxes. Despite a modest 987 subscribers and videos that rarely break a.

Crush Videos Make a Comeback : The Humane Society of the .

Sep 15, 2009 . With the U.S. Supreme Court set to consider the constitutionality of a federal anti-animal cruelty law on Oct. 6, The Humane Society of the United States revealed the results of a new investigation showing a recent resurgence in the same horrific animal "crush" videos that sparked the law's passage a.

Tex. woman convicted for creating sick 'animal crush' videos - NY .

Sep 10, 2015 . A Texas woman who filmed stomach-churning fetish videos of herself torturing and killing puppies, kittens and chickens has been convicted of the cruel crimes, federal officials said Tuesday. Ashley Nicole Richards, 24, pleaded guilty to making and distributing disturbing "animal crush" videos, in which.

crushing videos animals,

House Votes to Make Animal Crush Videos Illegal - CBS News

Jul 21, 2010 . Videos Shows Animals Being Crushed to Death; New Legislation Makes it Illegal to Sell or Distribute Videos.

Houston Animal 'Crush' Cases Were First Under Federal Statute — FBI

Sep 29, 2016 . The sentencing of a Houston man for videos of brutality against small animals brings to a close the first successful prosecutions under a little-known 2010 federal statute.

Texas Man Finally Heads to Prison for Animal 'Crush' Videos

Aug 20, 2016 . A Texas man sentenced to prison for 50 years in February 2016 is finally going behind bars. The convicted animal cruelty filmmaker will now report to prison following his conviction and sentencing on additional charges related to the distribution of sexually-oriented videos depicting the torturous killings of.

YouTube has finally suspended a channel dedicated to crushing .

Mar 17, 2016 . YouTube has removed a user posting graphic videos of animals being crushed following public outcry. After Gizmodo reported that the creator behind a channel that features stomping and crushing of inanimate objects was also running a secret, unlisted YouTube channel to host illegal animal-crushing.

About Animal Crush Video STOPCRUSH.ORG

Feb 25, 2008 . For those who do not realize, animal crush video does indeed, exist. The videos generally feature, but do not limit themselves to, small live animals, such as kittens, puppies, mice and bunnies being slowly tortured in the most horrific ways imaginable. They are burned alive, cut with pruning sheers, nailed to.

Houston Man Convicted of Producing and Distributing Animal Crush .

May 23, 2016 . Brent Justice was found guilty of three counts of producing and one count of distributing what is referred to as “animal crush videos” following a one-day bench trial. U.S. District Judge Sim Lake presided. Co-defendant Ashley Nicole Richards, 25, originally from Waco, but residing in Houston, entered a.

Brent Justice, Ashley Nicole Richards 'Crush Video' Bust: Pair .

Aug 21, 2012 . Justice and Richards allegedly tortured a puppy, kittens, a rabbit, mice, a pigeon, fish, lobsters, crabs, and other animals using high heeled shoes, a meat cleaver, knives, screwdrivers, pliers, and other devices, the statement said. As many as 27 videos were seized. Known as 'crush videos,' the movies.

crushing videos animals,

Fifth Circuit Rules that Animal Crush Video Law Prohibits Obscenity .

Jun 17, 2014 . The Fifth Circuit reversed and remanded a 2013 ruling by the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of Texas, which had held that animal crush videos are not obscene and that the Act violated defendants' First Amendment rights. In 2012, defendants Ashley Nicole Richards and Brent Justice were.

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Crush Videos Make a Comeback : The Humane Society. The crushing videos were easily available for purchase and horrifying in the cruelty inflicted on the victims. The password protected part of one website had 118 videos for sale. The videos were of small animals, including rabbits, hamsters, mice, tortoises, quail,.

Take Action to Help Ban Horrific, Perverted Animal 'Crush' Videos in .

Jul 19, 2013 . Please stand up for the animals abused and murdered for sick human pleasure by signing the petition to ban crush videos in the Philippines.

BREAKING NEWS! Makers of Cruel 'Crush' Videos Sentenced to .

Sep 29, 2014 . Earlier today, a Philippine court found La Union residents Vicente and Dorma Ridon—who have been in jail during their trial since June 2012—guilty of child abuse, animal welfare crimes, human trafficking, and wildlife-protection crimes for forcing to torture and kill puppies, rabbits, and other animals in.

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