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timber mill smurf hut 7500

timber mill smurf hut 7500,Upgrade timber smurfs hut, Smurfs' Village Questions and answers .Mar 10, 2016 . I am on level thirty how do I upgrade timber smurfs hut and expand past the log, Smurfs' Village Questions and answers, iPhone/iPad.timber mill smurf hut 7500,【】TIMBER SMURF'S HUT__201286 . TIMBER SMURF'S HUT 26,28。 . 7500,, . LOCKED UNTIL THE SMURFS FIND MATERIALS TO UPGRADE TIMBERS MILL AT LEVEL 26.

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Smurfs Village GlitchApr 20, 2011 . 1) Timber smurfs hut gives me coins every time, as well as xp for every pile of wood around him. (you can see I have tons of piles and am able.timber mill smurf hut 7500,Smurfs' Village update and quick review | iMoreDec 19, 2010 . I have places logs near the timber mill and nothing is happening how do I .. I tried placing some woods by timber smurf hut already but nothing.

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