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uniqueness of line forest to other forest vegetation

wet line forest reasons - Cockpit CountryEndemic Plants. "Wet line forest is a composite of all the ecological communities and the various interactive processes that make up the unique Cockpit Country . "Though the CT Wet Line Forest does not adequately capture all the ecological processes/interactions at different community levels, it makes a good.uniqueness of line forest to other forest vegetation,Ecological Characteristics of a Native Line Forest on Saipan .on line-derived soil), although examples of ravine forest growing on vol- canic soil, Casuarina-Pandanus . 1989), the present ap- pearance of Saipan's line forest likely reflects the combined effects of these .. suggests that this and other regularly fruiting canopy species with importance value ratios approaching.

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Pacific Island Network — Featured Resource - NPS IRMA PortalThe most accessible place to see line forests in WAPA is the south-facing slope of Fonte Pla- teau Unit, down slope from the quarry. Another site is in the Asan . (Guamia mari- annae) out Guam, including into line forests. Other plant threats continue to plague this unique plant community. Another impact is the.uniqueness of line forest to other forest vegetation,Forest over line - Philippines | The Field MuseumThe forest here, usually called line forest, is dominated by the molave tree (Vitex parviflora), which tends to grow in the few pockets of deep soil, with clumps . The diversity of plants here is low, but those that are present tend to be highly restricted, unique species that provide habitat for a unique set of insects, reptiles,.

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Species-Environment Patterns of Forest Vegetation on the Uplifted .

Species-Environment Patterns of Forest Vegetation on the Uplifted Reef Line of Atiu,. Mangaia . Sachet 1972; Stoddart 1972; see Stoddart 1975a for other references), and Aitutaki, an almost-atoll (Fosberg. 1975; Townsend 1975; Stoddart 1975b and c). No flora . Line forest vegetation of the Cook Islands -.

The Line Forest

They can be even better when you know something about the plants and animals. Their unique character and relationships to each other and to the physical environment are part of the ec·ology of Guam. In this book we'll look at some ecology of the line forest. The survival of this forest, like many other natural areas on.

Structure and tree diversity of lowland line forest on . - SLU

information on every vegetation type. On Seram Island line formations are covering a large area and they stretch from sea level to 3000 m elevation, a rather unique situation in the tropics. In comparison with other rain forest types, forests on line have received little attention. Together with deforestation such as.

Species-Environment Patterns of Forest Vegetation on the Uplifted .

Species-Environment Patterns of Forest Vegetation on the Uplifted Reef Line of Atiu,. Mangaia . Sachet 1972; Stoddart 1972; see Stoddart 1975a for other references), and Aitutaki, an almost-atoll (Fosberg. 1975; Townsend 1975; Stoddart 1975b and c). No flora . Line forest vegetation of the Cook Islands -.

Landscape assessment of tree communities in the . - Forest Service

Jan 13, 2007 . graphic separations of other communities suggested that variables . species Æ Landscape ecology Æ Line Æ. J. E. Aukema (&) Æ J. A. ... species, but a good descriptor of the community. We use importance values to describe forest structures of each com-. 104. Plant Ecol (2007) 189:101–115. 123.

Line habitats | Fauna & Flora International

The often isolated nature of these unique features, and the extreme soil and water conditions found within them, have created the perfect recipe for a highly . The steep, inaccessible nature of karst landscapes means that many line hills have retained their forest cover, even while the surrounding areas have been.

Rain forest vegetation of 'Eua Island, Kingdom of Tonga

stone, 'Eua is unique among Tonga's line is- lands in that its core . most dissimilar to each other and had first axis scores between 40 and 60. 3O . I. Excoecaria-TourneJortia coastal forest is found at elevations < 5 m a.s.1, on raised line substrates that lack sand or soil. It exists in small, disjunct patches that.

uniqueness of line forest to other forest vegetation,

The Unique Elements of the Line Flora of Batu Tengar Cave .

The summit vegetation is remarkable being completely dominated by a cactus-like forest of Elrpllorhia lucci with a candelabrum-like crown. (Fig. 2). This is unique to Batu Tengar Cave as no other line hill in. Sabah has this type of forest on the summit. On the sheer cliffs, Par~h~et~ rt~rrrlaietrsis (Gesneriaceae) is.

Philippines: Islands of Palawan, Balabac, Ursula, and the Calamain .

Vegetation types on Palawan are diverse and include beach forest, tropical lowland evergreen dipterocarp rain forest, lowland semi-deciduous forest, montane forest, and ultramafic and line forest. Beach forest merges with other forest types away from the coast and includes Calophyllum inophyllum, Canarium.

Plant Communities of Alabama | Encyclopedia of Alabama

Mar 18, 2009 . Bottomland and swamp forests comprised of bald cypress, water tupelo, swamp black gum, overcup oak, water oak, pumpkin ash, sweet gum, .. Perhaps more than any other exposed substrate east of the Mississippi, the line "cedar glade" flora has stimulated the most serious studies of how geology.

Ecosystems in Madagascar - WildMadagascar

Sambirano forest. SOUTHERN AND WESTERN DRY FORESTS; Dry deciduous forest; Line tsingy formations; Tapia woodlands; Spiny forest . The architecture of the forest is similar to the more widespread lowland forest, but the plants here are different: they are salt-tolerant and highly efficient at extracting water and.

Madagascar dry deciduous forests - Wikipedia

The area has high numbers of endemic plant and animal species but has suffered large-scale clearance for agriculture. They are among the world's richest and most distinctive dry forests and included in the Global 200 ecoregions by the World Wide Fund. The area is also home to distinctive line karst formations.

Jamaican dry forests - Wikipedia

Jamaican dry forests are subtropical dry forests located in southern Jamaica. The most extensive dry forests are in the line hills of the Hellshire Hills in St. Catherine and Portland Ridge in Clarendon in southern Jamaica. These areas are dry because they lie in the orographic rain shadow of the Blue Mountains.

tropical forest vegetation of xishuangbanna, sw china . - CiteSeerX

line and south-subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest are the main primary forest . for rubber plantations or other tropical cash crops, or for ... evergreen broad-leaved forest (Sebf) in Xishuangbanna a. Rank. Tree species. No. of. Mean. Abundance. Dominance. Importance trees height value. (m). (A). (D). (A+D).

ecological land classification for forest management and . - CiteSeerX

forest, Wet Line forest (lower) and Wet Line forest (upper). The description of each forest type is arranged under the headings: climate, geology and soils, floristics, forest structure and function. Following Asprey and Robbins' work on Jamaican vegetation in 1953, other vegetation studies concerning important.

diversity, composition and physical structure of tropical forest over .

destroyed as much as other vegetation types even though these line areas are more difficult to access and farm. Line vegetation is also more vulnerable because it recovers much more slowly due to the relative dry habitat and shallow soils which sometimes are irreversible once damaged (Tuyet 2001). Forests.

Austrian Line Alps - Ecopotential

The region was chosen since it covers a representative variation of environmental conditions of the montane forest belt on line bedrock of the European Alps. Annual air temperature is approx. . On 64 permanent plots (regular 100 m grid) forest tree monitoring, ground vegetation and soil sampling is carried out.

Rain Forest Facts and Information - National Geographic

Canoes are vital for transportation on the rain forest rivers of the Republic of the Congo. The Congo Basin's 500 million acres of tropical forest, second-largest in the world after the Amazon, are known for an incredible array of wildlife including great apes, forest elephants, and some 700 species of river fish. But people have.

Native Plants Of Madagascar - WorldAtlas

It is indigenous to Madagascar but also found in other parts of the tropical and subtropical areas through cultivation. It grows on sandy and line soils in woodlands, forests, grassland and disturbed areas. Although insects are agents' of pollination for this plant, the periwinkle is also able to self-pollinate. Ants are also.

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