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crushing a stone or calculus

What is the medical term meaning crushing of stones - AnswersUreterolithiasis is the term for a calculus (stone) lodged in the ureter. The ureteral stone (more commonly a "kidney stone"), is a chunk of insoluble material,.crushing a stone or calculus,Lithotrite | definition of lithotrite by Medical dictionaryA mechanical instrument used to crush a urinary calculus in lithotripsy. Synonym(s): . an instrument for crushing a stone in the urinary bladder. Also called.

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Kidney Stone or CalculusDec 4, 2012 . Kidney stone (Calculus) Stone formation in the kidneys, Ureters or Bladder, . Stones in the bladder and lower ureter can be crushed and.crushing a stone or calculus,Impacted anterior urethral calculus complicated by a stone . - NCBIImpacted anterior urethral calculus complicated by a stone-containing diverticulum in . and more efficient as it absorbs stone fragments while crushing stones.

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There appears to be an increase in the number of cases of kidney stones in . or older with calculus of kidney and ureters as a listed diagnosis was 2.7 million.

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The crushing of a calculus within the cystic duct. cystolith. cystolithectomy . Incision of the bladder for the removal of a calculus or stone. cystolithotomy (s).

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The crushing or fragmentation of a biliary calculus in the hepatic (liver) duct. 2. . A procedure of comminuting or pulverizing a stone in the urinary bladder,.

crushing a stone or calculus,

Vesical Calculi in Children

stone in the bladder a passed renal calculus or . case of vesical calculus, the result of the passage of a renal . the calculus being crushed and evacuated as.

crushing a stone or calculus,

The History of Urinary Stones: In Parallel with Civilization - Hindawi

Sep 9, 2013 . The first recorded removal of a calculus by suprapubic lithotomy was . He filled the bladder, crushed the stones, and evacuated the fragments.

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Kidney stones (renal calculi) may also form in the ureter or the bladder. .. The shock waves crush the stones into tiny sand-like pieces that usually pass easily.

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calculus is dated to 4800 BCE and has a uric acid nucleus with concentric laminations .. this situation may not heal; it is better to crush the stone, especially if it.

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Jan 14, 2014 . Treating several 2-cm stones to equal a total stone burden of 6 cm is . 52317 Litholapaxy: crushing or fragmentation of calculus by any means.

Medical Definition of Calculus, renal - MedicineNet

Calculus, renal: A stone in the kidney (or lower down in the urinary tract). Also called a kidney stone. The stones themselves are called renal caluli. The word.

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If a stone (even a small one) blocks the flow of urine, excruciating pain may result, .. The shock waves crush the stones into tiny sand-like pieces that usually.

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Jun 8, 1998 . Surgical treatment of kidney stones is described, including images. Lithotripsy, ureteroscopy and other methods to break up, remove, or bypass.

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If stone or calculus fragment lodges in a ureter, there may be intense pain and urinary urgency. .. Crushing of stones is a surgical procedure called ______.

Patient Information Cystoscopy & litholapaxy (bladder stone .

Cystoscopy & litholapaxy (bladder stone crushing/removal). Page 1 of 6. Cystoscopy & litholapaxy (bladder stone crushing/removal): procedure-specific.

Kidney Stones - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Diagnosis .

If the stone is in the bladder or the higher part of the ureter, it can be crushed using cystoscopy. In this procedure, your doctor will pass a viewing tube and a.

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He also did Litholapaxy with the extraction of stones. . manipulates a stone (calculus) To extract or manipulate a calculus the physician passes.

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2.5cm STONE OR STAGHORN CALCULUS. Bladder Stone . Larger stones, however, may be physically crushed (litholapaxy) or disintegrated into smaller.

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the urethra into the intestinal neobladder, enabled crushing of the calculus and safe evacuation of the . a large stone, surgical treatment and complete re-.

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Also, find out when to see your GP and how bladder stones are treated. . The cystoscope will then use 'stone-crushing' devices, lasers or ultrasound to break.

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